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Privacy Focused Web Analytics

Get a deeper understanding of your business and customer with. Waistra Analytics. Take the advantage of privacy focused analytics analyze data for your business in one place.

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Benefit Of Waistra Analytics

Whatever your Business – travel, automotive, healthcare, Online Business or beyond – Waistra Analytics helps you get a deeper understanding of your customers so you can deliver better experiences and drive results.

Waistra Analytics makes it easy to understand how your site and app users are engaging with your content, so you know what’s working and what’s not. See how people are interacting with your sites and apps and the role that different channels play by viewing robust reports and dashboards. You can even connect systems used to measure CRM, points of sale, and other touchpoints with your customers for a more complete view.

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Better Analysis

Better visitor analysis with detailed data acquisitions, statistics, graphs, projections, maps & overview

Better Privacy

We strongly adheres protection of your data and privacy to ensure integrity of data for better delivery

Better results

Rich insights and data intelligence help you to ensure better decision making with available results

Looking for detailed insights of your web resources

Waistra Analytics is strognly recommended for better analytics of web resources to look around the visitors of web resources.

  • Perfect for monitoring and analysis of visitors
  • Ready to serve fifth generation need of data analysis
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Perfect for highly recommended data intelligence

It helps you to monitor results of your campaign with data intelligence to track the progress and projection of campaign.

  • Securely connect you with visitor statistics
  • Gives you better statistics and better results
  • Designed for all
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Easy to use

Waistra Analytics is easy for data analysis.

Accuracy of data

Gives perfect accuracy in data acquisition.

Beyond Limitations

Explore unlimited access of waistra analytics.

Data Intelligence

Deployed data intelligence for fifth generation needs

Maintains Integrity of data

We ensure integrity of data for better privacy handling

Plan with analysis

Learn from data analysis and make plans accordingly

Key features
Look into the key aspects and features of waistra analytics for better data anlysis with waistra analytics
100% Accurate

Built for 100% accuracy.

Better Insights

Look at detailed insights

Built with Love

Love for India, Love from India

Data Intelligence

For intelligent decisions.

User Experience

Taking care for you.

Plan with data

Create milestone with results

No limitation

Forget limitation of access.

Secured Privacy

Your data not for sale.

Build Business

Better analysis for better results.